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Google Docs

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Google Docs

Google Docs is a free productivity package that allows you to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and others. Store user files in a unit of Google, Google, and allow continuous online collaboration with the rest of your files from Google, for all types of Google Docs that have Microsoft Office and other programming packages. Although not so rich in the feature, you can still write, create spreadsheets and work much harder with it, the whole of a Web browser, or any other site that hosts Google Docs. The weakest part of the application is likely to create presentations, but it can still be useful. Google document issues are rare and remote: for example, you can get 15 multiple gigabytes of storage to get started, but occasional exams and other events (but Not) give (additional features () {(swhite) App Review-page-Desktop-“);}); The penalty for Office solutions, wherever it may be, Google documents is an excellent choice not only for the creation of documents and other tasks for the productivity of the plant, but also for collaboration.
The cloud feature allows teams to work together in harmony with the same things at the same time, and it will take some time before your competitors can compare in this respect.